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Ax Church | Average People Making Jesus Famous in LaSalle, Peru, and the Illinois Valley

Church at 1055 6th Street, LaSalle, IL 61301

Ax Church | LaSalle Peru IL

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in LaSalle, IL

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  • I'm probably a little biased, but I have never been part of such an awesome church before Ax.

    Added May 01, 2017 by Cameron Graper
  • Amazing church! It's much more than I would ever expect out of a church from small-town La Salle! They're very modern and accepting, and I never feel like I don't fit in. I love their subgroups too!

    Added April 22, 2017 by Bridget
  • Amazing church and the people are wonderful and very friendly. My husband and I like how everyone accepts you no matter what!

    Added August 19, 2016 by Krystal Bourey
  • Ax Church has a beautiful, fresh, modern approach to serving up Christianity. Absolutely no bondage to religious spirits here, just lots of love and support for all. A great place for anyone who does not think they fit into the church crowd; this is just everyday people hanging out and loving God and each other. And they make some bad-a*s coffee, yup, you should visit just to try the coffee!

    Added August 15, 2016 by Sam Baratta
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